Just because you got a ticket doesn't mean you have to pay it.

Don't stress. Let the Ticket Cricket fight your ticket in court.

The Ticket Cricket is a law firm dedicated to the practice of fighting Florida traffic tickets. We concentrate on representing drivers charged with any traffic ticket or traffic offense. We have helped thousands of accused Florida drivers. If you have been issued a traffic ticket or offense, or you have a suspended license, the Ticket Cricket’s lawyers may be able to get you back on the road. Our fees start as low as $69.00 for non-criminal traffic infractions (plus court costs, if any). Contact us for a free consultation!

  • No Points

Under Florida law, paying a traffic ticket can cause up to six points on your license. This will result in increased insurance premiums, loss of safe driver status, and possibly even the suspension of your license. At the Ticket Cricket, our foremost goal is keeping your record clean and the points off. In many cases we even offer a money back guarantee.

  • No School

We strive to keep our clients out of traffic school and on the road. Although electing traffic school will keep the points off of your license, you will still have to pay the full ticket price, and you will not be able to elect traffic school again for one full year. There is also no chance that your ticket will be dismissed. At the Ticket Cricket, we keep the majority of our clients out of traffic school.

  • No Court

In most cases, Ticket Cricket clients never set foot in court. Instead, one of our lawyers will appear in court for you and fight your ticket. In many cases, we are able to get the ticket completely dismissed. Even if the ticket is not completely dismissed, in most cases we can still get you no points, and no traffic school.

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